About us

Connection Arts Space Inc. (CAS) is a non-for-profit arts organisation based in Dandenong. We’re run by a diverse group of passionate volunteers. We recognise that art can challenge traditional ways of thinking whilst also allowing for opportunities to connect and collaborate. Through workshops, art exhibitions and events we seek to make the arts accessible, relevant and sustainable.


A community that fosters creativity, collaboration and leadership through the arts.


COMMUNITY – Nurture the arts and strengthen connections within local communities.
ACCESSIBILITY – Foster opportunities and pathways in the arts to engage new audiences.
SUSTAINABILITY- Strengthen the economic viability of the arts.


We are a community-centred arts and currently volunteer led arts organisation. With shifting leadership, more than 40 individuals have been part of the CAS Committee and hundreds more in the volunteer team over the past 4 years. This includes emerging artists, students, community members and more.

Throughout this time, CAS has developed exhibition programs, art workshops, and collaborative projects that prioritise local artists.

The CAS Committee currently includes Larra Juab, Rafah Malaeb, Tash Brennfleck, Ciara Lynch, Nyalat Pel Kun, Andrew Duong, Gen Townsend and Lea Maier.


When our founding member, Mehdi Jaghuri (MJ), moved from Afghanistan to Australia at age 14,  art was a tool to gain confidence, connect with others and share his experience of seeking refuge.

MJ had the idea to start a gallery that could provide the community with greater access to art. This was made a reality when C.A.S opened in November 2015 with the help of fellow artists and friends: Andrew Duong, Genevieve Townsend, Michelle Clarke, Mo Chamas, Tahlia Megele, Daniel Kerrison, Shariff Muidul and many others.