At Connection Arts Space, we prioritise community, accessibility, and sustainability (C.A.S.). We have developed a 6-week workshops series that intends to help foster creativity during this devastating time. Each week will feature a new artist with a different art or craft to show to our audience. You can sign up for any of the sessions using the button below.

Sessions and Featured Artists

Portraiture with Taya Shania 

Friday 29 May, 6:15 PM (for 6:30 start) via Google Hangouts.

In this workshop, Taya Shania will be going through creating a portrait with you. Whether you use pencils, paint, digital tablets, or any other medium, as experienced or completely new, feel welcome to join in.

Artist Bio: Taya Shania is an artist, writer and curator based in Melbourne. She is currently studying her Masters of Arts Management at RMIT University. In her practice, she specialises in portraiture, moving from watercolour, gouache and pencil works to digital art in late 2019. You can check out Taya’s work on her website or Instagram.

Zine-making with Natalie Artis

Friday 5 June, 6:15 PM (for 6:30 start) via Google Hangouts.

Natalie will be featured in a session focused on zine-making. An art zine is a short, self-published work of text and/or images usually reproduced by hand or photocopier. In this session, Natalie will be showing us how to create a zine at home. You can check out Natalie’s work on her Instagram.

Scrunchies with Ciara Lynch

Friday 12 June, 6.15PM (for a 6.30 start) via Google Hangouts.

In our session with Ciara, you will learn how to create a scrunchie at home. Talk about fabrics, how they react to each other, and the language of sewing and fabric.

Monoprinting with Larra Juab

Friday 19 June, 6.15PM (for a 6.30 start) via Google Hangouts.

Join Larra in a monoprinting session. There are many techniques for monoprinting, but it is a type of printmaking that has lines or images that can only be made once. This is different than printmaking where you can make multiple works from the one print.

Paper Collage with Lauren Rosenberg

Friday 26 June, 6.15PM (for a 6.30 start) via Google Hangouts.

Lauren will be featured in our session about collage and paper work. Join us to have some In this workshop, Lauren Roseberg will be going through the process of creating a collage based on an organised theme. Just grab some magazines, paper, scissors and glue to sit back and enjoy this lesson.

Artist Bio: Lauren is a multidisciplinary art/ist based in Melbourne. She can usually be found starting yet another arts and crafts project—probably involving new skills and materials she’s never used before. Lauren loves trying different materials, but for the moment, she’s settled on ceramics, collaging, zines, sub-par Photoshop work, zines and (most recently) sewing. She’s also attempted knitting (not a fan), drawing (sometimes fan) and crochet (didn’t get it, but will be back). Lauren’s art is fun, colourful, busy, and can be found on her Etsy and Instagram.

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