GOING SOLO: Artist Interview with Oz Malik

This week in our fifth GOING SOLO, we are joined by Oz Malik, an actor, artist and program curator Oz, being our only performance artist in the group, talks about the steps that aspiring actors/actresses can take in order to get their foot in the door of the acting industry and possibly land their first role.

GOING SOLO: Artist Interview with Oladimeji Coker

This week in GOING SOLO, we are joined by Oladimeji ‘Dimeji’ Coker, a documentary photographer from Nigeria, currently based in Australia. In his session, Oladimeji focuses on identity as a critical part of being an artist. We need to feel comfortable with our identity in order to effectively and authentically express our ideas and ourselves through our work.

GOING SOLO: Artist Interview with Sha Sarwari

Our GOING SOLO series kicks off tomorrow night! The first instalment in the series will be a conversation with the talented multidisciplinary artist Sha Sarwari. CAS volunteer Rachael spoke to Sha about his identity as an artist, how art has enriched his life, and the topics he will cover in tomorrow's session.