GOING SOLO: Workshop 5 with Chad Machaya

Creating inspirational art to make the world a better place is his life-long passion.

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Workshop: Debunking the Myths of Commercial Art

with Chad Machaya

In his session, Chad breaks the stigma around the commercial arts. He shares the message that everyone’s journey is different, and there are alternative paths in the art industry that are more focused on giving and listening to our audiences.

Get to know Chad Machaya

Chad Machaya is a 30 year old commercial artist currently residing in Dandenong. He was born in India and his parents migrated to Australia when he was 4 years old to give him and his siblings a better life. Creating inspirational art to make the world a better place is his life-long passion.  Finding his artistic practice is a very crazy tale filled with ups and downs but inevitably brought him to where he is today. Despite the ongoing ups and downs he has been able to continue creating art throughout his journey. 

Chad loves to paint, draw and most of all sketch! However the medium he is currently developing is the airbrush. His canvas is clothing and apparel. He is currently working for an airbrush company that does workshops, events and sells custom airbrushed apparel to the general public. 

Stay tune till NOV 4 to enjoy her awesome work!

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